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Training Services


As a MOM approved Accredited Training Provider (ATP) and BizSAFE Service Provider, we conduct wide range of training for Managers , Supervisors and Workers.

To cater your every needs. we are continuously introducing new training courses and in various languages as well.

In-house customised training on specific workplace safety and health topics for clients is also available upon request.

Consultancy Services

1. Management Systems: Consultancy, Auditing & Training (Establish, Develop & Implement)

Risk Management Consultancy

bizSAFE Level 1 to 5 (Star) consultancy

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Singapore Workplace Safety & Health Management System Models (WSHMS, Ministry of Manpower Models)

Singapore Quality Award (SQA)/ Singapore Quality Class (SQC)

2. Industrial Safety Consultancy Services

Industrial Accident / Incident Investigation

- The different causes leading to the accident

- The possible legal liabilities will be advised with regards to the accident.

- Development & Implementation of Fall Prevention Plan (FPP)

- Identification of fall from height hazards

- Organisation will be advised on implementation of FPP with the various strategies.

- Business Under Surveillance (BUS) Consultancy

- Gap analysis of the organisation’s safety management system with an action plan.

- Organisation will be advised on the implementation of the action plan.


- Legal aspect of WSH Act

- Accident/ Incident Investigation Training

- Safety Committee Training

- Any other trainings as required by the organisation

- WSH Legal advice & Expert Witness

Legal Advice

- Review of the investigation findings, relevant documents, etc.

- The probable legal liabilities will be presented.

- Review of the case and provide views with regards to the cause of the accident.

- A report will be furnished for submission to the relevant authorities and the court.

3. Integrated Management System (QEHS): ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 9001 (Establish, Develop & Implement)

4. Advisory and Consulting Services on Environmental, Health & Safety Legislations for Singapore & South East Asian countries (Compliance, conformance and performance)

5. Audit Services

Management Audit: Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Management System Audit
Risk Management Audit (bizSAFE)
Compliance Audits
SHMS Audit
Hazardous Substances Audit
QEHS Inspections
Due Diligence Audit

6. Professional Services

QEHS Consulting Services
Corporate QEHS Advisory Services

7. Authorities Submission SMS Submission

Work Safety Programme (Establish, Develop and Implement)
Environmental Control Programme (Establish, Develop and Implement)
Registration of Factories/Worksites Scaffold Inspection and Certification
Risk Assessment

Audit Services

AKC is accredited to conduct Safety & Health Management System for

- Construction worksite
- bizSAFE Risk Management Audit

Audit Process

1. Application by Applicant Organisation (Request for quotation)

Applicant organization submit the request for quotation for auditing service by completing the Application Form and email the duly completed form to AKC’s enquiry email,
Information to be provided by applicant organisation:
a) The desired scope of the audit;
b) Relevant details of the applicant organization, including its name and the address(es) of its site(s), its processes and operations, human and technical resources (total manpower), functions, relationships and any relevant legal obligations;
c) Identification of outsourced processes used by the organization that will affect conformity to requirements;
d) The standards or other requirements for which the applicant organization is seeking auditing services;
e) Whether consultancy relating to the management system to be audited has been provided and if so, by whom.
f) Copy of previous audit report if the audit was not conducted by AKC.

2. Application Review

Upon receiving the application from the applicant organization, AKC will conduct a review of the application and supplementary information for auditing to ensure that
a) Any known difference in understanding between AKC and the applicant organization is resolved;
b) AKC has the competence and ability to perform the audit activity;
c) The site(s) of the applicant organization’s operations, time required to complete audits and any other points influencing the auditing activity are taken into account (language, safety conditions, threats to impartiality, etc.).

After reviewing the application, AKC will inform the applicant organization’s authorized representative formally through email, whether the application has been accepted or declined. Where the application is declined, the reasons for declining the application shall be documented and made clear to the client.

If the application is accepted, AKC will determine the number of auditors for the audit, the competences needed to be included in the audit team and the audit duration (based on Annex 2 to Appendix 1 and Annex 2 to Appendix 2 of CT 17).

3. Determining Audit Time

The minimum time for conducting an audit will be determined in compliance to the requirements stipulated in Annex 2 to Appendix 1 and Annex 2 to Appendix 2 of CT 17. Additionally, the Lead Auditor will consider the time needed to plan and accomplish a complete and effective audit of the client's management system.

4. Determining Audit Objectives, Scope and Criteria

The Lead Auditor appointed by AKC will discuss with the client to determine the audit objectives and establish the audit scope and criteria.

5. Audit Plan

An audit plan is established for each audit to provide the basis for agreement regarding the conduct and scheduling of the audit activities.

The audit plan will be communicated, and the dates of the audit agreed upon, in advance, with the client.

6. On-site audit

The audit team will conduct the on-site audit using the audit checklist provided. The on-site audit will include:
• Opening meeting
• Familiarisation tour of the workplace
• Obtaining and verifying information through
• Interviews;
• Observation of processes and activities (Physical inspection);
• Review of documentation and records.
• Closing meeting

7. Audit report

A written report will be provided to the client for each audit conducted.

If the SAC mark is included on the first page of the audit report, AKC’s logo shall be located preferably next to the SAC mark with reference to SAC 02 - Rules for Use of SAC Accreditation Marks and Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) Marks.

8. Request for additional information & Complaint/ Feedback

Request for addition information may be directed
Complaint or feedback may by directed to
An acknowledgement of receipt of the request, complaint or feedback will be sent to the sender.

Additional information requested may be approval at the discretion of AKC.

For complaint received, AKC will evaluate the complaint and take necessary action(s) to address the complaint. AKC will feedback to the complainant on the action(s) taken.

Policy on impartiality

The management of AKC is committed to ensuring impartiality in all auditing activities undertaken by its auditors and shall not allow commercial, financial and other pressures to compromise impartiality.

Use of AKC’s name and mark or logo

AKC’s name and mark or logo shall not be used in communication media such as the Internet, brochures or advertising, or other documents without the written consent of AKC.

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