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We have changed the training grant for all the courses in SkillsConnect Portal to full fee type on 1st July. Amendment already submitted. Once it is approved, the changes will be effective from 1 July 2013. All approved training grant applications which will commence on 1 July 2013 will be amended to reflect the new course details.
Organisations will enjoy the SDF funding by submit the claim by themselves after the completion of the course. After the approval of claim by WDA, the training grant amount will be credited to your company GIRO account.
The amendment to change the courses from Nett fee type to Full fee type still pending for process in WDA (expected to get approved by end of this month). Once it is approved, WDA will send an email to both parties (training provider and Organisations) to notify about this amendment. Organisations can only submit their claim after the training grant change to Full fee type.
For full fee payment, the company pays the training provider the full course amount. For nett fee payment, the company pays the training provider the unsupported portion of the course amount (i.e. the course amount less the course fee grant).
i) Training Grant Application Submission Deadline All applications must be submitted between the period of 180 days before course start date and 30 days after course start date. Any application submitted outside of this time period will be rejected.

ii) Claim Submission Deadline All claims for approved Training Grant Applications must be submitted no later than 120 days after course end date. Any claim submitted after this will be rejected.
Payment to training provider should be made using company cheque or GIRO. Only sole proprietors or partnerships which do not have company bank accounts are allowed to make payment via personal cheque.

For those companies who made payment with modes of payment not acceptable by WDA such as electronic transaction like Credit card, eNETS, NETS and later request to change of payment mode, 5% admin fee will be charged.
Please amend accordingly. Since we have night and Sunday training programme, therefore we always set the longest training days. For Course fee per trainee (excluding GST), we have different fees due to different registration method selected by customer.
You can apply for low levy if you fall into one of the category. Malaysian / Philippines; or welder / flame cutter; or working in marine industry After the course, you can bring the welding certificate to MOM to apply for the low levy, subjected to MOM's approval.
When you come to class, you must wear your safety boots and long sleeve shirt. Other safety equipment will be provided by the training center.
You can made payment during registration.
There is no guarantee that the participant will pass. The result depends on participant's welding performance in the welding test.
A letter of authorisation is required indicating the authorised personnel particulars and the details of the participant(s). .
Current employer can request for the reprint of card and cert in writing.

Replacement charges as follows:
For Welding Courses:
Card Fees: $50.00 Certificate Fees: $50.00
For all other Courses:
Card Fees: $30.00 Certificate Fees: $30.00
Yes, we can re print the card / certificate provided that a police report have been lodged. Replacement will be based on the police report. E.g If the participant request for a replacement of card but it was not indicated in the police report, it will not be processed.

For 3G, 4G, 6G Welding course, replacement only can re printed within 6 months after the exam date. Replacement cannot be done after 6 months from exam date. Participant will need to retake the course in order to receive new card / certificate.
Generally, it will take 1 hour to process, except for 3G, 4G, 6G Welding courses which will take 7 days to process.
For Welding Courses:

Card Fees: $50.00 Certificate Fees: $50.00

For all other Courses:

Card Fees: $30.00 Certificate Fees: $30.00

Authorisation Letter has to be fill up and endorse before sending any representative to collect the card / certificate on the participant(s)' behalf.
Course Registered under Company:
Company can send any representative to collect the card / certificate on behalf of the company with the Authorisation Letter.

Note: Unauthorised personnel will not be allowed to collect their card and certificate without prior company authorisation.

Course Registered under Individual:
If the individual is unable to collect their card / certificate for some reason, they can authorised someone to collect on their behalf with the Authorisation Letter.

Please take note that with effect from 1st April 2011 all Card & Certificate have to be self collected for all courses.

Click here for Authorisation Letter
We are providing courier service at $12 (per trip) for card/cert delivery to all addresses in Singapore, except Sentosa / Jurong Island.
Delivery to Sentosa / Jurong Island will be charged at $30 (per trip).
If you are interested, please fill up this form and email it to courier@sg or fax to 6763 3885.
You will need to pay S$12.00 through online bank transfer to our DBS Current Account.
Click here for Courier Authorisation Form.
We will process your courier request once we have received your payment through online transaction.
INTER BANK GIRO(IBG) SCHEME GIRO COLLECTION You are encouraged to apply for this scheme as it offers you the following benefits:
1. Payment will be debited from your bank account automatically, thus reducing your administrative procedures and associated costs of processing payment to us.

2. The current month invoices will be paid on the 8th of the following month. A Statement of Accounts will be sent to you via email/fax before the payment is deducted.

3. You will be have the flexibility to monitor the payment closely.

4. Customers/Trainees do not need to make payment in advance anymore during the collection of respective cards/certificates(same privilege as credit facilities).

5. All GIRO applications are subjected to AKC approval
The IBG application is about 7 to 14 working days. You will be informed of the commencement date for the deduction once your bank has approved the application.
Please inform us and your bank, three weeks in advance, if you wish to terminate or change your IBG service.
Download the form here GIRO Facilities Evaluation Form and Application Form for Interbank Giro mail back to below address:

Attention: Finance Department
Absolute Kinetics Consultancy Pte Ltd
64 Hillview terrace
Singapore 669277